320_green-fluid320_green-fluidHmm, kia girna hai tention se bharey duldul main ya k sambhul k chulna hai ?? Logoun se deal krna not an easy job,wo Kaise bhee apko apni khud ki negative approach main khanch letey hain.aur unki body language kehti hai k “Arey kahan buch k jao gey”.                                Aisa boht hota hai, jub aap apney aap ko organize kartey hain tou next moment mess up hojata hai..          It’s tough to handle relations.. KiA wo kahna chahiye  jo teak hai ,ya wo jo samney wala sunna chahata ho??? 




Zindagee  k kisi mordh pur jub hum souchtey hain k hamain kisi ki zaroorat nahi ,hum tunha he teak hain ! tubhee doosrey lumhey hum ek naya aasara ya sahara dhoound rahey hotey hain ya mil jata hai .

Ye  aasara, ya sahara  kia hai ??????? ho sukta hai k kisi ka khayal ho k aisa kurney waley wo log hotey hain jin main khamiyan aur kumiyan hoti hain !wurna aam halaat main logoun ko saharoun ki zaroorat nahi hoti,,,,lekin kia aisa souchney waley khud “perfect” hain ..kia hum perfect ho suktey hain? Nahi bilkul nahi ,mukamal  zaat sirf Allah ki hee hai aur rahey gee.

Is duniya main hur insaan saharey dhoondhta  zaroor  hai. Hur insaan duniya main muqtalif adwar se guzarta hai buchpan ,lardkpan ,jawani aur burdhapa …buchpan saharoun se  bhara  hota hai,lekin kisi hud tuk bachey ko independent  bananey ki koshish ki ja sukti hai.lardkpan main ajj kul internet aur pehley ki tarah ub bhee dostoun k sath waqt guzarney ka behtareen sahara mojood hai  ,lekin both juld  heehumain pata lugta hai k un dostoun main se chund ek hee hain jin se k hamari waqai dosti hai.

Umr ka thora aur aagey ka dorr aata hai aur hum jawani main qadam rukhtey hain,logoun ki aksariyut isi umr main shadi kur leti hai  aur apna shareek e hayat paa laeti hai.kisi murd k liye uski bewi aur aurat k liya uska shohar ek bharpoor sahara hotey hain…Ahan ,lekin hum extra marital affairs se  bhee waqif hain.banisbat aurtoun k shadi shuda murd kisi aur main involve ho jatey hain,jawaz both se ho suktey hain ,lekin amazing baat ye hai k wo murd kafi confident ,bold n independent hotey hain bazahir  jinhey dekh k koi undaza bhee nahi laga sukta k ye bhee extra sahara dhoound rahe hain..

Sahara lumbey ursey k liye bhee ho sukta hai aur aarzi bhee ,depend kurta hai k koi kitni juldi haqeeqat main aata hai..

Hum main se aksur log burdhapey ka sahara apni aulaad ko samujh letey hain aulad tou bechari khud is koshish main hoti hai k wo  walaidain k liye kisi bhee tarah se  madudgaar houn.is umr main husband n wife ek doosrey k liye acha sahar ho suktey hai lekin again ,depend kurta hai k young age main ek doosrey ko kaisa treat kiya .

Hum in saharoun k peechey bhagteyy hain ,kisi hud tuk ye sooodmund sabit hotey hain,lekin kuch hud tuk ,hum kyu aisey saharey ko talash nahi kurtey jo sub se bharosey wala hai ,jo k bila shuba “Allah” ka  sahara hai,is ek saharey  pey apna faith itna strong kyu nahi kur letey k is k baad humain kahin bhatukney ki zarooorat he na rahe..Allah itna mukamul hai jitna k koi nahi ho sukta .yehi ek sahara milney baad duniya ka koi sahara khoney ka durr nahi rehta ,aur agar kho bhee jai toy gham nahi rehta .kyu k humara duniya dekhney ka perception hee badal jata hai !!!!!!!!!      


 I met my soul mate,

decided to go with

that was truly difficult

i knew it ,

just push me my bad luck

i have to be evict

decided to go with,

All my desires were freak


i wanted to make it freeze

just let me move ,my innocent euphony,

i am suppose  to sprinkle all my feelings,

and You cruel world

wont U check me out,i am dying to hold Your limits,

it is pain full but

i know, i have to move away,far away from him.


Two years back i separated from my in laws and we moved to another place. my Husband,kids and i spent a bless time there.

after a long seek, we got a serene apartment. it was not a new one but maintenance was quite satisfactory.my Husband asked me about taking decision and i “Nodded”!

when i entered into my new place, soon we got to know that we have to buy everything.it was obviously unfilled.So, the set was all ready to be filled.I still remember and recall easily that time when me and my husband used to go to market for shop everyday,bought optimum things required to live.

like every women i felt pleasure regarding decoration but at the same time,i found myself very much detached from all those Luxuries.like, i didn’t belong with all those stuff. i was surprised and shocked inside.Though, i didn’t possess all the luxuries of life any such high -tech gadgets however,this never got in the way of my happiness, i never been ungrateful to ALLAH.I enjoyed and learned from each and everyday of my life and gone through successfully.So, for me that was a weird thought.i tried hard to understand and got my answer!

when we get that state of mind where things start taking its purpose then we lost its ownership.we just use them but do not get crazy for them then No matter you have that or not!

these are the blessings of Allah which he gives us to make our environment comfortable,So that we could familiar and interact easily .

SO, the best part of this realization is that,I do not have to worry about anything But my “current duties” ……..

I am busy ..

Time is passing, Someday we used to make very much fun , and  laugh at silly things. sometime i  think ,that time was  good or  these days are  fabulous  ? and all the time i get surprise that my point of view towards life  gets change. every day of our life  has  a new challenge to learn new things and we are suppose to up grade ourselves. its better to leave those habits which are making us a rotten personality i realize there is one thing which we often do, is that ‘we  avoid our relations,it does not harm our personality in short term but it shows bad result over ones personality in the long run for sure.                               now a days people are very smart in someway but very few of them makes real and pure  relation ,they indulge themselves in a fake relations and try to gather those people who are not directly attached or belong with them ,and because of  being so busy ,they somehow loose their real relations .                                                                                                                                                   we used to say that i am busy.Do we really busy ? is this the  authentic reason for  not getting  in touch with them ?U might get busy but we know where we can give  them a clue that ,”HEY I AM HERE FOR YOU.”and believe me they must be waiting for giving you HUG back ! We often make mistakes about making relations  and one of them is we do not give love and respect  to small kids of our family ,and later on we  keeps hope ,they would visit to see us.We should not forget that” When you give someone something ,fate rewards you with twice as much .” they do not want any such high_tech  gadgets but your smooth way of talking, it should not be happen that  if you r in a good mood you behave like a gentleman and if you have some grudge then you show yourself  in a rude manner.   i think ,we should start giving love and care to them who really loves you no matter what you have done, and stop saying “I AM BUSY. “because it really kills cordial relations .We are human being we are suppose to behave like a human ,ALLAH  has  given us a special position in between all creatures,             we should  find new hidden secrets about getting good and educated personality ;for betterment  of us,society and family.

“Constant “

       Life goes through pain .

       but still alive ,

        that pain makes me sing dirge

        but , i sing love songs ,

        no matter,

        what i am supposed to be 

        there is constant constellation in my thoughts,

        these constellation brings some kind of strength,

        you know when i say strength,

      what does it mean ?

     ya , dream, dream, dream……!!!!!!!!!!!